What I do

As a freelance front end solution architect I'm available for all your web projects. Together with you I work towards a web platform that amazes your clients and ensures the right impression of your brand. A tool that actively transforms your marketing strategy into an agile platform.

Next to that I ensure that your digital marketing solution fits your current and future needs. I do this by creating a clearly seperated and easy to maintain solution that is built on a foundation of a microservice architecture. An architecture that is a best-of-breed combination of multiple services. This approach allows for the ultimate flexibility by tailoring a web platform that is made of tools that fit. systems.


Headless Web development

I create the perfectly matching website to your business that ensures an optimal conversion rate. I do this by using front-end frameworks like Gatsby, Next.js, React.js, Vue, ...



Not too sure what you need yet? Need help clearing up your requirements? As your technical consultant I can assist on projects, perform audits, provide technical advise, and more...



In a digital world any solution needs to be able to handle the challenges of tomorrow. To do so I create a future proof architecture that is agile at it's foundation.

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