Many problems come up and get solved daily in the business world. In a world of solutions how does one discover what the solution is?

In our day to day life not everything goes according to plan. Hiccups come an go, some can be solved instantly and other take a bit more thought. But for every problem, IT can be the solution. We live in a world where everything is automated and AI just isn’t out of reach anymore.

When you have a problem simply head over to IT and they will find a solution. Perhaps they solve it with a technology that they use daily. Or they convince you with a new technology that perfectly fits your problem. Either way you get convinced about the solution and you go for it.

But in a world of problems, one week later you have a new one. Convinced as you were, you head back to your IT department but the expert from last time isn’t around. A new expert listens to your problem tries to find a solution but is convinced that his favourite technology would be a better fit. He convinces you, and there you go, your problem solved once again. Life is good.

But perhaps not everything is good? Maybe that second solution could have solved your first problem as well. And here you are maintaining two different solutions. The situation isn’t ideal to say the least. Had it been different if you ended up at the second expert? Maybe it had? But maybe there’s was a third expert with the ultimate solution? Let’s be honest, you’ll never know.

There’s a solution for every problem. But there are a couple key questions:

  • Will that solution fit your current solution landscape?
  • Will it fit in your budget?
  • Do you need a new solution?
  • Should it integrate with different solutions?
  • You don’t need a solution, you need a solution for you. You are the origin of the need for a solution. But you are also the center of the solution. It should take into account all the solutions you have today. The solution should fit you.

The question you have to get answered about every problem is exactly that: “What is the best fit solution for me?”